Chasing Nord covered Depeche Mode's "I Feel You" and made a video too 9 April 2021

Check it out!

Video produced, written, filmed, and edited by Ira & John
Special thanks to Heidi Hartmann

Watch, stream and/or download on the platform of your choice:

Mixing engineer - Asher Z. Ally -
Mastering engineer - Ermin Hamidovic, Systematic Productions -
Recording engineer - Matej Zec, G.I.S. -
Drum recording engineer - Matko Margan, Studio Maraton -
Keyboards: Dorian Cuculić
Cover artwork: Ivo Matić

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E.N.D. made a video for "Blinded by Avarice"! 10 February 2021

Today we are premiering a brand new video by Croatian groove metal trio E.N.D.! "Blinded by Avarice" is the opening track to the band’s latest EP "A Grave Deceit".

The song’s subject is today’s reality, uncertainty as its key quality, and our unpreparedness for the future. Filmed in dimly-lit, dystopian-looking surroundings and backed up by mathematically constructed riffs and precise rhythm sequences, the video intensifies the track’s prophetic lyrics and drives its message home.

E.N.D. once again blow up everything around them with their relentless dynamics, undisputed precision, and menacing aggression. Enjoy while you...

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Bad news for those who like bad news - "Oozing Optimism" - the new video from Kevlar Bikini is out now! 4 February 2021

Kevlar Bikini's new video for the song "Oozing Optimism" is a direct continuation of the story from the previous video "Quench". From writing and directing, camerawork, lighting, post-production, and even catering, the band continues its DIY practice and do everything themselves.

The angelic vocals in the song were contributed by Crne Zvjezdice - Zora and Alex, the offspring of proud father Geenger Six, the big kahuna of Geenger Records. There's also a cameo appearance by Mrs. Nada, the bass player's mom.

The song is the fourth single off of the album "OPT-OUTism", freshly released by Geenger Records.


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"Misa svetoga Vlaha" by Klapa Kaše out today! 22 January 2021

Klapa Kaše was established in early 2007 in Dubrovnik, aiming to follow the Dubrovnik ancient singing tradition and highlight the specific musical idiom of the area. The klapa (a local term for a Dalmatian a cappella group) was named after the Kaše breakwater located in front of the Old City port, aspiring to be a kind of a symbolical guardian of part-singing in the Dubrovnik area. Although a relatively young ensemble, Klapa Kaše is one of Croatia's most frequently awarded vocal groups in recent years.

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Out now! Stöj Snak - Life, Death and Everything in Between 23 October 2020

Some people see things that are, and ask, why? Some people dream of things that never were, and ask, why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that.
- George Carlin

"Life, Death and Everything in Between" is the Danish, screamer-songwriter quartet Stöj Snak's sophomore album. 12 tracks of heartfelt, folky troubadour-punk infused with plenty of raw energy and melodic catchiness.

Released four years after the debut, this album completes the transition from one-man-band to four-piece. The songs still revolve around singer/songwriter Niels Højgaard Sørensen's raspy yet melodic voice but are clearly built to be performed by a band - full of instrumental finesse and ripe with washboards, double-bass and other trash instruments (counting members...

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Brainswitch share video for the song "Psithurism Astronauts" 17 September 2020

With their recent epic concept album "Sun Worship Kingdom", Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina based atmospheric post metal quintet Brainswitch are giving us the latest glimpse into their mesmerizing soundscapes, sharing new video for the track "Psithurism Astronauts"! Directed & edited by the band's guitarist Goran Tiro.

Asked about the meaning of the song, the band commented: "This song is about a 'love-hate' relationship with the environment we live in. There are so many things to love and enjoy and at the same time so many negative aspects just draining you down. It is a call to a philosopher to come to our town, not to despair, but...

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Stöj Snak announces their second full-length album and drops the first track 11 September 2020

Danish screamersongwriter quartet Stöj Snak announces their second full-length album "Life, Death and Everything in Between" and drops the first track "Fire"

The track is one of the more action-packed songs and sees the band taking it's folkpunk sound up a notch, blending in almost thrash-sounding riffs and plenty of screaming while still maintaining a catchy, melodic edge in the songwriting.

The singer/songwriter Niels has the following to say about the track:

"Given the subject matter of the song, it’s appropriate that it comes out on 9/11. A date that has been carved into our collective consciousness for how profoundly, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the following conflicts and wars have shaped the world, its politics and our...

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