Vrulja announces "Od korijena do pupa" with "Jesenska" 30 April 2021

Vrulja (translated as Karst spring) is an indie rock quartet from Varaždin, Croatia named after the place in the sea, where the underground river springs and mixes with saltwater. The band is gathered as an anti-stress therapy after a hard working week with the motto "Music is for music, and we all love to jam“. It was established in the spring of 2017 and consists of Sabina, Ivan, Tomislav, and Ninoslav.

Although they came to the name for a band spontaneously, it became part of the vision of connecting with nature - so it is the name of the album and of many songs focused on flora and fauna. At the heart of their expression is rebellion - with it they grew and through it they built their sound image and sent messages.

For the first presentation, and the announcement of their debut album "Od korijena do pupa" (From Roots to Buds) the band chooses a song called "Jesenska" (Autumn Song) for which they recorded a video inside the place where they normally create and make music.

Vocalist Sabina commented on the theme of the song: "When I was little, for me the seasons was enjoying and perceiving the obvious… I have always adored spring, I was born in spring and that announces the arrival of warmth, the awakening of all that has slept through winter. I loved summer because of the sun and the sea, winter because of snow and skating… but autumn... autumn has never been the season that I could hardly wait for - it threw leaves of the canopy, announced the arrival of rainy and gloomy days… and only that vision of autumn I had. Now when I'm a little older, I'm looking at autumn with completely different eyes, it’s the first song I connect with nature, I realized that autumn is essentially the most fertile. Only when you change y

If you listen to the song, you will notice that Vrulja is characterized by a solid rhythm section, melodic stanzas, and powerful refrains with energetic and sometimes aggressive vocal sections. The band members most often find inspiration for their sound in many styles of hard rock created in the early 1990s, which is played extensively and develops in all directions even today.

The album "Od korijena do pupa" is scheduled for release in autumn 2021 via Geenger Records. Stay tuned.


Sabina Makaj - vocals
Ivan Kronja - drums
Tomislav Pintarić - bass
Ninoslav Friščić - guitar

Vrulja on the web:

Bandcamp → https://vrulja.bandcamp.com
Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/vrulja
Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/vrulja_band

Stream - https://gngr.space/Vrulja-Jesenska
YouTube → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqxGStroJNA