Out now! E.N.D. - Re​-​Illustrating Evil 1 March 2023

We're thrilled to announce the release of "Re-Illustrating Evil" by E.N.D! This remixed and remastered edition of their classic album "Illustrating Evil" is the perfect way to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. The album features all of the hard-hitting tracks, now with even better sound quality. Get your copy today and crank up the volume! Available digitally, on lathe cut LP, and CD!

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Kevlar Bikini releases new video, goes into studio to record new album 21 February 2023

Croatian band Kevlar Bikini released the a new music video, for Flirting With Nihilism, the 8th single off of their latest album, "OPT-OUTism".The video was recorded in the fringe areas of Zagreb (fringe in every sense of the word!), and everything from directing and recording to editing is done solely by the band.The video is visually in tune with the hypnotic mood of the song and there is no shortage of psychedelic scenes.This is the eighth video off of "OPT-OUTism" - the band is drawing close to the magic number of 10 music videos - one for each of the album's songs.

But the band isn't working only on this video saga - preproduction of new songs is finished and...

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Out now! Embassy 516 "Surveillance of the Environment (10th Anniversary Edition)" 11 November 2022

"Surveillance Of The Environment (10th anniversary edition)" by Embassy 516 is out now! --> https://geenger.link/122

Dubrovnik based alter-rock collective Embassy 516 returns to the music scene four years after the release of the acclaimed album Correlation (2018, GNGR 62). For almost two decades, the band has appeared in public only periodically, but with their eclectic sound and recognizable visual identity, they always intrigue and surprise listeners.

The collaboration with Geenger Records and illustrator / visual designer Igor Jurilj (Yellow Yuri) continued on the anniversary reissue of the album Surveillance of the Environment, which was published in 2012 on a CD with 12 tracks, and soon it will be available on a Translucent Cristallo Vinyl in a limited edition...

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Kevlar Bikini releases new video before going on UK tour 8 March 2022

Escaping to the woods.

Croatian HC / noise / metal trio Kevlar Bikini released a music video for the song ’Feral Fun’ off of their latest album ’OPT-OUTism’.

Video @ YouTube => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzE2GQn4b-k

The band had this to say about the song: 'Feral Fun is about escaping, both mentally and physically from society, people and current affairs. The song was written some time ago, but these days it seems relevant, especially considering how all the advantages of civilization are revealing themselves in all their splendor in the past few years.'

The video, in keeping with the theme of the song, was recorded – in the woods, and is full of extraordinary frames and interesting details. As usual, the band members...

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"Rant" by Panda Rhei is out now! 18 February 2022

The second single from Panda Rhei's upcoming album Save Your Souls You Fukcing Monsters is the song Rant. Somewhat opposite from 'Josepheen', Rant is produced by Mark Mrakovčić and the song is enriched by a fantastic rythm section comprised of Ivica Antunović Naranča (ESC Life, Mark's Black Sheep) on bass guitar and Andro Jambrošić (Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence i Detroit Groove Gang) on drums. Rant is a song about nothing in particular, filled with unarticulated frustration that is not possible to express – timed imposion of bright guitars, thick bass lines and punching rythm.

The video is a collective work of a group of friends during one long sleepless night. The minimalist production and the bending of...

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​New video from Kevlar Bikini is out, this time for "Failing as an Adult" 30 November 2021

A new video from the band Kevlar Bikini is out now. As usual, the band DIY-s it all, from make-up to end credits. Most of the video is done in stop-motion technique and it took only 999 photos to make it. Maybe next time they'll switch to digital cameras instead of developing miles of film.

Band says "The plan is to make videos for all of the ten songs from the new album and "Failing as an Adult" is the fifth we made so far. So,in the words of Jon Bon Jovi - woooah, we're halfway there".

“OPT-OUTism” (Geenger Records) is available on vinyl in two versions (splatter/marbled and clear) and digitally. Stream/order via –> Read More

"Crni Kilovati" by Fluid Underground is out now! 20 November 2021

"Crni kilovati" by Fluid Underground is out today! Serbian stoner/alternative/sludge/rock group delivers eight intense rock numbers, which will unquestionably shake your bones.

The group is famous for excellent ideas, exquisite musicianship, and outstanding production, so you better get ready to rumble while listening to their music."Crni kilovati" are available on all digital platforms. --> https://gngr.space/104