​New video from Kevlar Bikini is out, this time for "Failing as an Adult" 30 November 2021

A new video from the band Kevlar Bikini is out now. As usual, the band DIY-s it all, from make-up to end credits. Most of the video is done in stop-motion technique and it took only 999 photos to make it. Maybe next time they'll switch to digital cameras instead of developing miles of film.

Band says "The plan is to make videos for all of the ten songs from the new album and "Failing as an Adult" is the fifth we made so far. So,in the words of Jon Bon Jovi - woooah, we're halfway there".

“OPT-OUTism” (Geenger Records) is available on vinyl in two versions (splatter/marbled and clear) and digitally. Stream/order via –> Read More

"Crni Kilovati" by Fluid Underground is out now! 20 November 2021

"Crni kilovati" by Fluid Underground is out today! Serbian stoner/alternative/sludge/rock group delivers eight intense rock numbers, which will unquestionably shake your bones.

The group is famous for excellent ideas, exquisite musicianship, and outstanding production, so you better get ready to rumble while listening to their music."Crni kilovati" are available on all digital platforms. --> https://gngr.space/104

You can enjoy their first single for "Tremor" both visually and sonically by following the following link --> http://gngr.space/Ochi-Tremor

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Vrulja announces "Od korijena do pupa" with "Jesenska" 30 April 2021

Vrulja (translated as Karst spring) is an indie rock quartet from Varaždin, Croatia named after the place in the sea, where the underground river springs and mixes with saltwater. The band is gathered as an anti-stress therapy after a hard working week with the motto "Music is for music, and we all love to jam“. It was established in the spring of 2017 and consists of Sabina, Ivan, Tomislav, and Ninoslav.

Although they came to the name for a band spontaneously, it became part of the vision of connecting with nature - so it is the name of the album and of many songs focused on flora and fauna. At the heart of their expression is rebellion - with it...

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Chasing Nord covered Depeche Mode's "I Feel You" and made a video too 9 April 2021

Check it out!

Video produced, written, filmed, and edited by Ira & John
Special thanks to Heidi Hartmann

Watch, stream and/or download on the platform of your choice:

Mixing engineer - Asher Z. Ally - http://www.asherally.com
Mastering engineer - Ermin Hamidovic, Systematic Productions - http://www.systematicproductions.com
Recording engineer - Matej Zec, G.I.S. - https://www.gis.hr
Drum recording engineer - Matko Margan, Studio Maraton - http://studiomaraton.com
Keyboards: Dorian Cuculić
Cover artwork: Ivo Matić

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E.N.D. made a video for "Blinded by Avarice"! 10 February 2021

Today we are premiering a brand new video by Croatian groove metal trio E.N.D.! "Blinded by Avarice" is the opening track to the band’s latest EP "A Grave Deceit".

The song’s subject is today’s reality, uncertainty as its key quality, and our unpreparedness for the future. Filmed in dimly-lit, dystopian-looking surroundings and backed up by mathematically constructed riffs and precise rhythm sequences, the video intensifies the track’s prophetic lyrics and drives its message home.

E.N.D. once again blow up everything around them with their relentless dynamics, undisputed precision, and menacing aggression. Enjoy while you...

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