First Flame

First Flame made its humble entry to the hardcore scene when Milomir Gluhajić Murari, the driving force behind his previous band Through These Eyes, was determined to keep the musical flame alive. The band began in 2013 but suffered various line-up changes over the years as various members come and go. Clearly, the music was taking a new and exciting direction, prompting Milomir to reclassify the band as First Flame.

With Milomir on vocals, Dušan Basara on drums, and Bojan Ungar on guitar, the band continued to evolve. In 2014, Mikara joined as the second guitar player, and the band's first live show occurred in August of the same year. They recorded their first EP, "Above the Clouds," in September 2014, which marked the beginning of numerous live performances.

"Awakening", the band's first album, was released in 2016 as a DIY project. This 11-song album showcased their versatility and drew in a growing fanbase. After this release, Nikola joined the band as the drummer, and Dušan took over bass duties, further expanding First Flame's musical horizons.

In 2017, First Flame recorded their second promo EP consisting of four songs, keeping the momentum going with an extensive list of shows and festival appearances. In 2021, the band welcomed Borko back, this time as a guitarist, and embarked on a journey to create their second full-length album.

"Beneath The Surface", their second album, was recorded during the summer of 2022 in First Flame's own studio and produced and mixed by Luka Matković at Citadela Sound. The album is a testament to their dedication and creative prowess, offering a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and defies genre conventions.

Milomir - vocals
Dušan - bass
Bojan - guitar
Nikola - drums
Borko - guitar

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