DJED - Spirit Arise

  • DJED - Spirit Arise

DJED - Spirit Arise

GNGR141 // released May 10, 2024

Formed in 2019. as Endless Struggle, the band changed it's name to Djed in late 2023. Djed is a 6-piece double vocalist hardcore punk collective from Belgrade, Serbia. This crew has gathered around riffs and songs that the founding guitarist Veljko Paunović dug up from his and Ilija Zipevski old band from the 2000s known as Linga. The band evolved, from a collective of musicians that gathered around likeminded ideas and music, to a platform for social, financial and emotional support, exchanging ideas and collaborating towards common goals. One of the good aspects of this meta-bandness is that Djed has back-up members that can jump in at any time giving it resilience as a band in both form and performance, likening to a band megazord of some sorts. Since the founding of Djed in 2019., the thematic is existential and social issues, together with a spiritual and transcendent approach, with the sound being a little bit of metalized hardcore-punk.

Track Listing

  1. Endless Struggle
  2. World Tomorrow
  3. My Belief
  4. Spirit Arise

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