TOO FAAR - Pongal
€7.00 - €18.00

  • TOO FAAR - Pongal
  • TOO FAAR - Pongal
  • TOO FAAR - Pongal
  • TOO FAAR - Pongal

TOO FAAR - Pongal
€7.00 - €18.00

GNGR114 // released August 26, 2022

Too Faar - bass guitar, slide guitar, guitar, synths, programming
Master Margherita - bass guitar, synths, programming
Saša Zorkić - guitar
Marco Quarantotto - drums
Pavan Rangachar - vocal

Recorded at studio Armazonex
Mastering by Željko Dragojević
Design and artwork by Alexander Pieri

Too Faar is an electronic solo project of Marko Grbac Knapić, a Croatian multi-instrumentalist/composer, almost mainly focused on composing music for film and theater. However, he also performs electronic music under several monikers. Since 2015, Too Faar has released an impressive number of recordings, such as Green Screen, Music For Dance Performances, Music Is In The Air, and a set of three EPs simplistically named One, Two, and Three. Therefore, Pongal is his latest material.

Pongal carries six profoundly detailed music pieces that defy any categorization into a particular genre. It’s safe to say that Too Faar explores different areas of electronic music without solely dedicating itself to the singular genre. Still, if you closely pay attention to each ingredient included in this divine piece of electronic music, you’ll find some of the finest properties of chill, downtempo, dance, house, psytrance, old-school electronica, ambient, ethno, world, and dub music. All these styles inspired Marko Grbac Knapić to compose and shape six exceptional instrumental pieces. He incorporated all the vital elements of these music genres and implemented them into this album, but it’s also interesting how they work harmoniously in each piece. The artist thought about every layer while assembling these compositions, so you’ll notice how everything resonates in perfect harmony, order, and balance.

Pongal could have several purposes. It could serve as background music when you need to relax during the weekends, but it could also find its purpose as a perfect soundtrack for film, theater, documentaries, or even commercials. I am not sure if Marko Grbac Knapić thought about it while assembling these numbers, but he succeeded in constructing a multipurpose material where each track could find its place in the industry. The sheer amount of ear-appealing soundscapes and rhythmical structures invested into this record goes beyond comprehension. Another thing that blows my mind are the basslines that represent an essential element of every track. Without them, this material would lose its character and drive, which plays a significant role in this case. Like the remainder of the material, Too Faar also paid a lot of attention while composing layers of pleasant ambiances, drones, and various melodic, harmonic, and thematic sequences. Every track has a unique theme, melody, or harmony that briefly explains the song title. Marko Grbac Knapić undoubtedly invested brilliant ideas, skills, and time in assembling and arranging Pongal, and the effort ultimately paid off in an excellent electro album you need to hear as soon as possible.

review by Đorđe Miladinović @

Track Listing

  1. Jam
  2. Plutonia
  3. E-slide
  4. Planetarium
  5. Requiem
  6. Pongal

Pressing Information

190 x LP - Black Vinyl / Pressed at Austrovinyl

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