BRAINSWITCH - Sun Worship Kingdom
€7.00 - €10.00

  • BRAINSWITCH - Sun Worship Kingdom
  • BRAINSWITCH - Sun Worship Kingdom
  • BRAINSWITCH - Sun Worship Kingdom
  • BRAINSWITCH - Sun Worship Kingdom

BRAINSWITCH - Sun Worship Kingdom
€7.00 - €10.00

GNGR082 // released March 13, 2020

Brainswitch is a post-metal quintet from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their second album "Sun Worship Kingdom" is a concept album portraying a generation’s utopian experience in a dystopian environment. Besides Brainswitch members, the album features several guests, including Mike Armine of the US post-metal band Rosetta who recorded vocals for "Sometimes Comes the Mother, Sometimes the Wolf". The album was mixed by Mario Quintero from New York's dream-sludge band Spotlights and mastered by James Plotkin. The band’s long-time friend and sound engineer Sead Zaklan was in charge of the recording and re-amping.

All songs written by Brainswitch. Produced by Goran Tiro. Mixed by Mario Quintero in Pittsburgh, PA. Mastered by James Plotkin in Plotkinworks studio, Philadelphia, PA. Recorded at Dead Cow studio, MC Pavarotti studio, Studio Podgomila, DK studio Mostar, BiH. Sound Engineer Sead Zaklan. Guest vocals on “Sometimes Comes The Mother, Sometimes The Wolf” by Mike Armine (Rosetta). Mike’s vocals engineered by Matt Weed. Guest vocals on “Breathe The Light” by Marija Korunić Miljko. Guest vocals on “Bow Down To The Sun” by MC Pavarotti children choir. Guest guitar on “From The Sleep”, “Bow Down To The Sun” and “Deadrose Ritual” by Alis Mačkić (The Mist of Avalon / Amy’s Ashes). Album artwork by Goran Tiro. Last booklet page photo by Vedrana Mijić.

Brainswitch would like to thank: Mike Armine, Armel Suković, Sead Zaklan, Mario Quintero, Alis Mačkić, Marija Korunić Miljko, Vesna Arapović, MC Pavarotti children choir, Vedrana Mijić and Danijel Sikora.

Brainswitch are:
Adam Krešić - vocals
Goran Tiro - guitar
Adnan Karadža - guitar
Višeslav Lučić - bass
Zlatko Drljević - drums

Track Listing

  1. From the Sleep
  2. Bow Down to the Sun
  3. Sometimes Comes the Mother, Sometimes the Wolf
  4. Ethereal
  5. Deadrose Ritual
  6. Breathe the Light
  7. Psithurism Astronauts
  8. Ephemerality
  9. How to Create Universe
  10. How to Destroy Universe

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