BACKDROP FALLS - There's No Such Place as Home
€7.00 - €10.00

  • BACKDROP FALLS - There's No Such Place as Home

BACKDROP FALLS - There's No Such Place as Home
€7.00 - €10.00

GNGR078 // released November 4, 2019

"There's no such place as home". The somewhat nihilistic title sets the mood for what’s coming lyric-wise when you first listen to this record. Backdrop Falls' debut comes with an interesting approach and unloads some anxiety-driven choruses through nine aggressive yet melodic punk rock tunes.

Three years as a band. After about two of them writing, testing new ideas and producing what would later become this record, the band finally releases their long-awaited first full-length, featuring an energetic kind of punk rock sound combined with heartfelt reflexive lyrics that persistently question one’s role in modern society.

Recorded at Trilha Sonora Studio, Fortaleza, October And November 2018
Engineered and mixed by Luiz Orsano
Mastered by Luiz Orsano, Trilha Sonora Studio
Produced by Luiz Orsano and Backdrop Falls
Co-Produced by Hugo Lage
Piano On Track 4 By Luiz Orsano

Guitar and Vocals - Matheus Collyer
Guitar - Rafael Neutral
Bass - Ilton Tiger
Drums - Roger Capone

Photograph by Eduardo Abreu
Cover and poster artwork by Raoni Volker (Hug Your Chaos)
Back cover illustration by Mary Latvia
Layout / Design by Roger Capone

Electric Funeral Records (Brazil)
Duff Records (Italy)
20 Chords Records (Spain)
Infected Records (Portugal)
Bomber Music (UK)
Razor Records (Argentina)
Audioslam (Chile)
Mevzu Records (Turkey)
Dinamite Records (USA)
Geenger Records (Croatia)

Track Listing

  1. My Own Remains
  2. Back of the Line
  3. 2008
  4. Flat on the Ground
  5. Big Lie
  6. Out of My Mess
  7. Stereotype Freak Show
  8. Reach the Sky
  9. Anesthesia

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