BRUJAČI - Ladanje
€7.00 - €15.00

  • BRUJAČI - Ladanje
  • BRUJAČI - Ladanje

BRUJAČI - Ladanje
€7.00 - €15.00

GNGR055 / DIRTY.029 // released December 8, 2017

Brujači are a Zagreb-based band formed back in the nineties. They've remained consistent to their sound throughout the years. Their new album, Ladanje, is a logical next step in the evolution of their music. The creative backbone of the band consists of Mario Barišin (bass, vocals), Franjo Glušec (guitar) and Viktor Krasnić (drums, vocals), all members of various other cult projects (Trobecove krušne peći, Haustor, Peach Pit, Franz Kafka Ensemble, Dosh Lee, Šumski...) who, under the name Brujači (eng. Buzzers), create an entirely new but recognizable sound.

The album Ladanje brings an intriguing and powerful rock'n'roll set of songs with smart bitter-sweet lyrics. Based only on their own unique approach and not avoiding any particular musical style, Brujači use the lack of any unnecessary decor in their own advantage, underlining their unmistakable style. Heavy distorted bass, razor sharp guitars, pushy vocals and various dance rhythms create a distinguishing hard disco rolling thunder genre calling for a danse macabre. Ladanje represents a much needed escape from urbane reality and widespread clichés, not only with the music and the album's name (ladanje; eng. resorting to the countryside) but also with the cover art, made by Mario Barišin.

The album was recorded at Sunday Studios by Sven Pavlović, Marko Tizaj and Igor Milovčić. Mixed, mastered and produced by Mihael Bele and Brujači and designed by Darko Kujundžić and Kaja.

Brujači: Mario Barišin (vocals, bass), Franjo Glušac (guitar), Viktor Krasnić (drums).

Produced, mixed and mastered by Mihael Bele and Brujači.

Recorded at Sunday Studios by Marko Tizaj, Igor Milovčić and Sven Pavlović.

Music by Mario Barišin except 7. and 11. (Franjo Glušac), 3. (Mario Barišin and Franjo Glušac), 9. (Mario Barišin, Franjo Glušac and Nino Prišuta) and 8. (Gustav Barišin). Arranged by Brujači.

Lyrics by Mario Barišin except 9. (Spanish traditional) and 8. (Gustav Barišin). Song titles 5. and 11. by Franjo Glušac.

Artwork and typography by Mario Barišin, tech assistance by Kaja. Layout and prepress by Darko Kujundžić.

Track Listing

  1. Trans
  2. Uranela
  3. Da li znaš
  4. Mašina
  5. Gusarska
  6. Kralj sunce
  7. Ritam zločina
  8. Disko stroj
  9. Santa Ana
  10. Ne čekam
  11. Vjetar
  12. Stari film

Pressing Information

300 x LP - Black Vinyl

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