SUBSCALE - Devolution

  • SUBSCALE - Devolution

SUBSCALE - Devolution

GNGR049 // released September 23, 2016

Ivan Jovičić - vocals
Mario Tomašković - guitars, samples, electronics and sound design
Jovan Kosta Vučetić - guitars, bass, drum programming, lyrics
Andreas Šala - bass, guitars
Igor Čeranić - samples and electronics

Featured guests on DEVOLUTION are:

Fabijan Pavao Medvešek of Free Ride on "Blight"
Alen Babin of E.N.D. on "Remnant"
Dino Jelusić on "Remnant"
Darko Dimovski on "Detach and Realign"
Morgan Robert Nember Reid of Bloodshot Dawn on "Zero Degrees of Empathy"
Aleksa Babić Režonja on "The Last Stand"

Subscale wants to thank all the people who made DEVOLUTION possible especially our partners, friends and families, Six of Geenger Records, the crew at Audio Pro (Ivan Jakić, Viktor Kordan, Zoran Ernoić), Maria Tangar and Marko Lopac, Darko Dimovski, Miroslav Čaćija, Hrvoje Knežević, Matija Jelić, Karlo Horvat, Igor Malobabić, Goran Lučić, Alen Babin, Dino Jelusić, Aleksa Babić Rezonja, Fabijan Pavao Medvešek, Morgan Robert Nember Reid, Ivo and Marin Jurčić and everyone who listens, share and likes our music - thank you Daniel Perrin!!!

All music written, arranged and recorded by Subscale at Subscalar Studios 2013-2016.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mario Tomašković at Subscalar Studios 2016.

All lyrics written by Jovan Kosta Vučetić except "Another Mistake" written by Mario Tomašković and Jovan Kosta Vučetić, "Endorsed By Devil" and "Shadow Self" written by Matija Jelić.

Track Listing

  1. Blight
  2. Remnant
  3. Endorsed by Devil
  4. C.A.C. (Circumstances Alter Cases)
  5. Detach and Realign
  6. Metafiction
  7. Another Mistake
  8. Act of Violence
  9. Zero Degrees of Empathy
  10. Shadow Self
  11. The Last Stand

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