CHASING NORD - Play Restart
€7.00 - €14.00

  • CHASING NORD - Play Restart
  • CHASING NORD - Play Restart
  • CHASING NORD - Play Restart
  • CHASING NORD - Play Restart

CHASING NORD - Play Restart
€7.00 - €14.00

GNGR047 // released April 21, 2017

Nord is a band from Rijeka, Croatia, formed in October 2013. Their name, according to the members, is inspired from when people get lost and search for north in order to find their way back. The meaning of the name reflects their idea of being lost in the sonic wilderness, but also their hopeful and positive attitude towards music and life.

The band consists of Mihael Prosen on lead vocals and bass guitar, Tino Margan on the drums and guitarists Vedran Vučković and Ivan Jović. This quartet of talented rock musicians echoes the work of influential artists such as Faith No More, Tool, Soundgarden, but also Massive Attack, Depeche Mode or David Bowie. Their sound is a great blend of dark textural ambience, massive guitar riffs and emotional lyrics with a very personal feeling. Mihael and Vedran are actually veterans of the local heavy rock scene, as the former was the vocalist in seminal band Father, and the latter played in Unlogic Skill. While the two are in their late 30s, Tino and Ivan are in their early 20s, bringing some new school influences to the sound of the band.

Live shows are always, and will forever be the heart and soul of the band. When musicians on stage connect with the audience and break all barriers, something truly magical happens. This is exactly the case with Nord, a band who is working really hard on pushing themselves towards becoming an even better live act. Their commitment to better themselves is also very apparent in the band’s studio efforts: these dedicated musicians have top notch production quality and their talent is noticeable, as they enter the recording room in top shape every time.

Their debut album, Play Restart (which is also the title of one of the songs), is all about finding a clean, new start in life. The quartet setting allows this band to create music that feels full, accomplished and rich, yet refreshingly back to basics and very direct, as each member of the band truly sets out to master their respective instruments and add something special to the sound of the band. Their blend of rock music defies expectations and genre definitions, inspired by influences as diverse as alternative music, hard rock, grunge and even pop and experimental music.

The artwork cover has been created by Croatian artist and illustrator Ivo Matić, who asked an old friend to program a short piece of code that quantized Nord’s music and created abstract magnetic competitions that helped creating the stunning visuals matching with the sound.

Track Listing

  1. Lo-hi
  2. Running Man
  3. Play Restart
  4. Shadows
  5. So Alive
  6. Mexico
  7. Killing Me, Killing You
  8. Remake
  9. End

Pressing Information

147 x LP - Black Vinyl
99 x LP - Solid Grey Vinyl
500 x CD

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