ASHERAAH - The Mountain
€0.00 - €5.00

  • ASHERAAH - The Mountain

ASHERAAH - The Mountain
€0.00 - €5.00

GNGR024 // released December 23, 2013

Asheraah is 5 piece collective coming from Rijeka (Croatia), formed in 2009. Melodic, guitar-driven post-rock and loud, distorted yet percussive parts, when combined with visual effects, move the focus from the band itself in order to create an intense audio-visual experience. In the vein of Lvmen, Isis, Neurosis, Red Sparowes.

Mario (guitar), Jakov (bass), Mirko (visuals), Dubic (guitar) and Alan (drums).

Track Listing

  1. A Thousand Petals
  2. Nothing Exists Except Atoms and Empty Space, Everything Else Is Opinion
  3. Blood of the Innocent Burns Its Way Through Stone
  4. I Know You Will Not Return to Me One Day
  5. Beyond the Monolith
  6. Introspection Is a Monument Which Shall Endure Until the Sun Grows Cold

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