EMPHASIS - Gliding Over All

  • EMPHASIS - Gliding Over All

EMPHASIS - Gliding Over All

GNGR020 // released February 14, 2013

Recently we're witnessing a rise in heavy instrumental rock bands on Croatian scene. Although post-rock in Croatia has its roots dating back to mid-1990s, bands with a modern, metalized approach to atmospherical soundscapes haven't emerged until the second half of the 2000s. Emphasis were one of the definite pioneers of this movement, which is a fact often omitted given their lower scene presence compared to bands from the Croatian capital.

Emphasis were formed in Čakovec, a small town in the country's far north. Starting as a quartet, they released their debut album "Elements Of Morrow" in 2007 on Asiluum Arts from Romania. Praised enough to earn them good recognition among the rising audience, it also enabled them to book shows supporting bands like Caspian, pg.lost and Rosetta. Later down the road, the line-up dropped to three core members who diligently worked for years, resulting in their sophomore album "Gliding Over All", now released on Geenger Records.

Eight tracks of beautiful melodic themes, heavy riffing and creative sampling work will lead you through emotional uprisings and downfalls, climaxing with a rather unusual song "Mura", an hommage to band's native region, which features strong vocal parts by female members of the local folklore society. This albums shows the band's evolution in composing and arranging approach, and leaves us all to expect more from Emphasis in the future.

Written, performed and produced by Emphasis: Danko Žganec, Ivan Pleh, Radovan Železnjak

Recorded and mixed by Tomislav Tompa Novosel at E-Minor Mobile Studios from July to August 2012
Mastered by Marius Costache at Next Dog Studios, Romania
Samples by Siniša Sović
Vocals on "Mura" by KUD Katruže Žiškovec, acoustic guitar by Tomislav Tompa Novosel, recorded by Petar Horvat

Design by Dekraart

Track Listing

  1. Alda
  2. Every Storm Keeps a Secret
  3. Sun Falls Earth Rises
  4. Animals
  5. Tonight We Ride Ghost Horses
  6. Some Places Take Places
  7. Enter the Signs
  8. Mura

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