HEMENDEX - Reset 2

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HEMENDEX - Reset 2

GNGR008 // released September 5, 2011

Geenger Records proudly presents its newest release by one of the hottest Croatian bands at the moment – HEMENDEX. You've probably heard about them already, because when it comes to Croatian electro scene, they are the first band to come in mind. For those of you who came across them for the first time, here's something to read and repeat:

HEMENDEX (broken english for ham and eggs) were formed in autumn of 2008, and since then they are fusing analog and digital synthetic sounds with distorted string instruments to create something one in 1983 might imagine as pop music from the near future, incorporating VJing along to create a strong visual identity in their live performances. Their post-punkish new wave electro sounds come right on time and are a much-needed refreshment in the regional scene, at the same time sounding very modern, on par with greatest international acts in the genre.

After playing a string of live shows with bands such as Ladytron, Handsome Furs and The Young Gods, HEMENDEX self-released its first 7" vinyl EP, entitled Reset 1. With its follow-up EP Reset 2, these two together may be thought of as an imaginary album Reset This Place. The band also released a free compilation of live recordings named Life Is Not A Soundcheck Vol. 1, and all those releases are now available in mp3 format on the multimedia part of Reset 2 CD, together with promo photos, wallpapers, videos and more!

Reset 2 comprises of five tracks which were patiently waiting for the final touches, and presents the band on its best, ensuring them a global potential by bringing sounds that do not imitate others, but honestly give something new and make their own influence for others to learn from.

This synth-pop wonder was mixed by Miroslav Piškulić, and mastered by the omnipresent Carl Saff. The sleeve design was handled by 777 alias Niko Potočnjak (Seven That Spells). You really can't find a better team for the job!

Reset 2 will be released on September 5th on Geenger Records on enhanced CD in a gorgeous Digipak and as a download. All you have to do now is enjoy this great modern/retro flashback, dance away with its refreshing sounds and stay on the lookout for more great music from HEMENDEX in years to come!

Track Listing

  1. Miniwelle (Tanz Der Tudjman)
  2. Reset This Place
  3. Milk with Satan
  4. Have a Nice Weekend
  5. Microscope

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