MASS HYPNOSIS - Disin4mation

  • MASS HYPNOSIS - Disin4mation

MASS HYPNOSIS - Disin4mation

GNGR002 // released May 10, 2010

Contains Mass Hypnosis "Disin4mation" debut album (track 1-13) + "Media Brainwash" package (track 14-17).

Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia, Mass Hypnosis is a metal band which combines extreme music genres, predominantly metalcore and melodic death metal. The band was formed in 2006 by experienced musicians known for their earlier work in bands such as Forlorn Legacy, Machine Insufficiency and The Rite of Retaliation.

Their debut album, released as a digipak CD by Geenger Records in spring of 2010, contains thirteen songs and a video for the song "Shadowed (Population under control)", executed by DnA studio. From the ideological point of view, Mass Hypnosis stands on par with sociopolitical subjects like modern age slavery, conspiracy theories, media manipulation, religion, war and other shortcomings of today's world.

"Disin4mation" was recorded in Soundcage studio, Zagreb, while mixing and mastering were taken care of by Igor Malečić. The album also sees a couple of guest appearances – Tamara Dorčić (Putokazi) and Stanislav Muškinja (Seven That Spells), just to name a few. Cover art was handled by Ivan Eror (jesus roach drawing), Mirko Žorž (photography) and graphic design studio HeadlineCreative (layout).

Disin4mation was recorded @ R&T studio, Soundcage studio, Nova studio & Meisterwerk studios 2008/2009, Zagreb, Croatia.

Mixed & mastered by Igor "Meister" Mlečić & Leo Bolješić in Meisterwerk / 4art / Nova studios.
Produced by Igor Meister.
Co-produced by Mass Hypnosis.
Music & lyrics by Mass Hypnosis.

Media Braiwash - Video edit* / production, mix, mastering by Igor Malečić (Igormeister) & Leo Bolješić
Media Brainwash (Collective Trauma) / Remix by UNUNHEXIUM / production, mix, mastering by Martin Semenčić (Meco), Odium & Leo Bolješić
Perfusus In Lacrimis Moris Terrae / Remix by UNUNHEXIUM / production, mix, mastering by Martin Semenčić (Meco), Odium & Leo Bolješić
Drunk With Power** / (written by: Morris, Wainwright, Roberts, Maloney) production, mix, mastering by Branimir Tonković, Jasmin Dasović

* Recorded @ Soundcage, Usud & Nova Studios
** Recorded @ Usud Studio

Video / Recorded @ MDpartner Studios by Davor Moučka
Video concept by Davor Moučka & Leo Bolješić

Artwork by Swartwerk
Artwork concept by Leo Bolješić

Band members:
Andrea Delišimunović - sub
Leo Bolješić - insults
Matija Novak - AK47
Dorijan Pavlović - strings
Jurica Marković - sampler

Track Listing

  1. Cry of the Wounded Planet
  2. Annuit Coeptis
  3. Media Brainwash
  4. Shadowed (Population Under Control)
  5. Human
  6. Sorrow
  7. The God Delusion
  8. Blood Boiling Point
  9. Divine Parasite (Deo Favente)
  10. Disappearing Believers
  11. The Vatican Method
  12. My Friends, My Enemies
  13. Instinct over Intellect
  14. Media Brainwash (Video Edit)
  15. Collective Trauma (Ununhexium Remix)
  16. Perfusus in Lacrimis Moris Terrae (Ununhexium Remix)
  17. Drunk with Power

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