Klapa Kaše

Klapa Kaše was established in early 2007 in Dubrovnik, aiming to follow the Dubrovnik ancient singing tradition and highlight the specific musical idiom of the area. The klapa (a local term for a Dalmatian a cappella group) was named after the Kaše breakwater located in front of the Old City port, aspiring to be a kind of a symbolical guardian of part-singing in the Dubrovnik area. Although a relatively young ensemble, Klapa Kaše is one of Croatia's most frequently awarded vocal groups in recent years.

Worth mentioning are the victories at Croatia’s most prestigious klapa festival in 2012, 2014 and 2018. In addition to its appearances at numerous festivals, Klapa Kaše launched a concert programme entitled Na tragu Republike (On the Republic's Track) including arrangements of 16 traditional songs from the Dubrovnik area. Featuring a lijerica player, a toastmaster, actors and dancers, the programme is a recollection of the Dubrovnik musical history.

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Misa svetoga Vlaha
Klapa Kaše
released January 22, 2021


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