Kazan, a world music band from Zagreb, Croatia, interprets traditional music from the western Balkans by reviving the material, enveloping old songs in a new sound that reflects the band members' individual aesthetics as well as their interest in different genres. The members of Kazan have been active in the Croatian music scene for a long time, playing in bands such as Afion, Mimika Orchestra, Sane, Kololira, Vibrica… They are Dunja Bahtijarević (vocals), Tatjana Bijelić (flute), Lucija Stanojević (violin), Danijel Maoduš (guitars), Zvonimir Mikulandra (guitar), Sebastian Jurić (bass guitar) and Marko Šturman (percussion).

Their album Ružo (Rose) was recorded in Sveta Nedjelja, Croatia, in Sven Pavlović's Sunday Studios, whose warm acoustics gave the final touch to Kazan's melancholic, raw, thick sound and lively groove. The album consists of nine songs and was produced by Sven Pavlović and Kazan members Dunja Bahtijarević and Danijel Maoduš. The mastering was done by Robert Nappholz, and the cover design by Miran Križanić.

Tour Dates

released October 26, 2018


€7.00 - €10.00