Out now! Rebel Star released the highly anticipated album "Početak i kraj" 20 October 2021

Today, we are presenting you the latest effort by Rebel Star, a Serbian alternative/pop-rock band led by highly experienced Milan Glavaški (Eva Braun). The album contains ten compositions, fully stacked with brilliant ideas, exquisite musicianship, emotions, and other qualities.

After five albums, indefinite hiatus, Glavaški's solo album "Demoni", Rebel Star is now empowered by a new line up and the group is more than ready to knock your shoes off with their soothing melodies. Besides Milan Glavaški, Rebel Star consists of Željko Markuš, Daniel Rodik, Zvonka Obajdin, Daniel Kadijević, and Jakša Perković. "Početak i kraj" also reveals some guest appearances by Nina Romić, Jurica Leikauff, and Ana Ćurčin.

"Početak i kraj" is currently available on streaming platforms, while the vinyl record is coming up soon. This release is a collaboration with Pop Depression.