Out now! Dunja Knebl & Kololira - Tamo Gori 15 May 2020

"Tamo gori" is Dunja Knebl & Kololira's third album, and it corresponds with the incredible situation we are facing in the world today.

When beginning to work on the album more than two years ago, the idea for the album’s story was in the meaning of the Italian saying "Tutto il mondo è un paese" ("The whole world is a single village.", or "People will be people the whole world over.", or "One world, one people".), and now that the album is finished it can apply to today’s pandemic situation when we are all "in the same pot".

Even though the songs are old traditional folk songs from different countries (England, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina), dating from some other, even ancient times, they are universal and timeless in describing human nature.

Eleven songs from different countries in different languages tell the story of man's eternal struggle to find happiness and love, but the obstacles in his way are most often the ones he creates himself (wars of all kinds, deceit, lies, even self-destruction). However, there is always a light in the darkness, but sometimes we ourselves must be this light.

The audio was recorded, mixed and mastered by Doringo at Kramasonik Studio, Zagreb, and produced by Doringo and Dunja Knebl & Kololira (from November 2018 till March 2020).

Stream / buy the album --> https://gngr.space/088